Our mission is to increase the science in data science

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and machine learning experts with decades of experience working in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We understand that real-world data is messy, undocumented and packed into complex formats. 80% of data science is data preparation and management, and yet 76% of data scientists enjoy this part the least.

We aim to make data scientists more productive by building an easy-to-use feature store that prepares and manages data. Data scientists can then focus on in-depth analysis and predictive performance.

Bytehub team

Bytehub was founded in 2020 to develop technologies that make decision-makers, analysts and AI scientists more productive.
Fred Hoffman
Fred is a data science and AI professional, having developed technologies for telematics insurance, driverless cars, and autonomous power stations.

He studied a Machine Learning PhD in the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford.
Toby Coleman
Toby's data science experience spans banking, insurance and energy, and includes developing a world-first data platform for managing electricity usage.

‍He holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College, London.