Feature Store for Timeseries

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Modern feature store

Our feature store is optimised for timeseries data

Pre-packaged data

We can pre-populate your feature store with ready-to-use timeseries

Production ready

Serve features to production ML models

What is it for?

Organise timeseries data

Feature stores provide a way to organise much of the data preparation required when building machine-learning/AI models. They allow data scientists to become more productive, and ease the path between research and production.
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Designed for data scientists

We've focused on making our feature store easy-to-use with simple Python/REST interfaces. Get up and running with no complex software installation.
Code Editor
import bytehub as bh

fs = bh.feature_store()

df = fs.get_timeseries(
['weather.temperature', 'sales.volume'],
from_date='2020-01-01', to_date='2020-08-01',


Clean and simple

We've created a simple, easy-to-use interface that fits into your existing data-science workflow

Code Editor

'forecast': [0.5, 1.2, 4.5, 1.6],
'forecast_type': 'hourly'


ByteHub's feature store can deal with a wide-variety of timeseries, from simple values to complex arrays and dictionary structures

Code Editor
# Get the latest feature values
df = fs.get_last(
['feature_1', 'feature_2', 'feature_3']

result = model.predict(df)


Use the same API to feed the latest features into your production models